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Counseling + Career + Consulting 

Turns out Creative Wisdom is not just for clients and projects, but also for creative souls looking for direction.

The same three principles apply:

1. A clear vision  (what's yours?)

2. The "wise" way to go about it (emotional + rational = wise)

3. Actualization (let's make it happen!)

With great joy, and outstanding results, I've been guiding and nurturing young adults and professionals for more than 20 years. These fine men and women are true successes in both business and life, and I'm proud to call them my friends and colleagues. 

Chelsea Ankenbrandt 



 "Loren has truly been a North Star for me in my search for a meaningful career. She has not only helped me find and refine my interests and strengths, but also put me in contact with those who can help me realize my goals. Under her guidance, I've learned so much about the business culture in Atlanta and have found what companies and cultures suit me best. I cannot thank Loren enough for how she's helped me."

Jon Gordon



"My dog Ally and I worked with Loren for over 5 years. I was very fortunate to meet Loren at a time when I was unsure of my specific career path. She was the first person to believe in my talents and provide me the opportunity to be successful in the creative field. From Loren, I was able to understand the power of storytelling and the role of creative and strategy in meeting the client’s business objectives. She provided me the important tools to achieve the success I’ve had as an Executive Creative Director. Not only do I value her mentorship over the years, but more importantly, a lifelong friendship."

Billy Cone



"I met Loren 20 years ago as a student at Portfolio Center. Not only was she the funniest teacher I'd ever had, but she also helped shape my career. Loren took a genuine interest in my work and helped me write and produce my first professional radio spots. From there, she connected me with and then encouraged me to apply for a job in television at Cartoon Network, where I went on to work for the next 17 years. Later still, she suggested I get back to my roots in radio advertising, which I’ve been doing with Oink Creative for the past 6 months. Loren has been an amazing mentor throughout my entire career,

and to this day remains one of my

closest friends."

Mary Ellen Gordon



"I landed an internship at Solomon Says not long after graduating from Emory. Loren took a chance on me as a young grad with no marketing experience. During my interview,

I told her this would be my first job “indoors"; what was I thinking?! I worked for Loren for six years, and she taught me not just about marketing and advertising, but about how to think about our clients’ businesses – and how to run a business period. Loren gave me the freedom to learn and the confidence to shine in my own way. After leaving Solomon Says, Loren has continued to help me navigate my career and my life, serving as a sounding board, friend, confidant, and also one of my biggest cheerleaders."

"I am a film actor and a yoga instructor.

I am an advocate for myself and others. Loren helped me define myself, showcasing my strengths to achieve my goals.

Her genuineness, compassion, and honesty supersedes expectation and makes her guidance invaluable."

"I received my PhD in biochemistry in Changchun, China. Post Doc, I was hired by Emory University to perform system chemistry research. In addition to the research was the need to adapt to a

new culture. Loren taught me how to communicate effectively, displaying authentic and professional confidence.  She helped me use both my rational and emotional mind to  make wise decisions, showing me how to keep a steady pace, stay in balance, and be gentle with myself while pursuing my goals."

Yushi Bai



Christine Lekas


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